Bhu / Earth at Cripa


Kalarigram , Ritam/ Auroville , in partnership with Auroville art service and the french theatre company  Les Porteurs d’eau ,present:

Bhu/ Earth

A dance theatre show inspired by the oldest martial art of the world: Kalaripayattu .

26, 27, 28 of October at 8 pm. At CRIPA KALABHUMI

A dance theatre show inspired by the oldest martial art of the world: Kalaripayattu .

The journey of a man looking for connection with himself and Nature.

”A theatrical tribute to Earth.” The Hindu

”Thank you for this journey that will continue and take away all those who will contemplate it.” Jean Legrand . Auroville

” Put together by Phillipe Pelen and Moucazambo Thierry this is a powerful work that brings together kalari, aboriginal, tai chi and kathakali vocabularies with extraordinary grace, perfection  and depth of experience. I hope it travels”.  Anu Majumdar. Auroville.

”A very soulful performance. Took me into a state of trance. Thankful for the performance, it is very important to have such art as it works as a transformation of the collective.”  Sharanya Rao. Auroville

Direction and choreography: Philippe Pelen

Light design: Ashwin Ezhumalai

Sound design: Suresh Sauman

With: Thierry Moucazambo, Nikhil Varagiri, Swaroop Kanan, Suresh Kalyath, Madhu Jayamoorthi, Prakash Sathiya.

Special thanks to: Barbara and Ritam, Lakshmanji, Lavanya and Kalarigram, Aurelio and Swaram, Christophe  JC and Cripa, Jean, Joy, Tapas and Bharat Nivas technical team, Claude and french Pavillon, Krishna, Nilen and Auroville art service, Orly and Well paper, Miriam and Auroville Radio, Kali and Sebastien, Kalou and Eluciole Circus, Savitry and New Creation, Last School video students,   french alliance Pondicherry.”

Free entrance, donations are welcome , please  support our work and  help us to cover the expenses of the creation and performances, please donate on the account BHU RITAM : 252160

The Cripa team invite the audience to be on time for the performances as they will close the doors at 8 PM.


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